"Randy is a true champion for business in the Economic Development world."
— Gen Grosse, Corporate Account Manager, Yuma International Airport (business partner) January 24, 2012
"Randy is definitely a professional on his field. I have had the opportunity to work with him through the years, and his insight and up to date knowledge of the issues we have discussed, have provided me with the right tools to make wise business decisions. Aside from being highly respected, Randy is personable and always willing to go the extra mile. I recommend Randy without hesitation."
— January 23, 2012 Marco A. Garcia, PHR
"Randy was an asset to do business with. He strengthened ties and assisted with our economic development efforts. He was also an asset with helping our young professionals network, NexGen, with business positioning and social networking."
— Lauren Patrick, Executive Assistant/Investor Sales & Relations, March 4, 2010, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation
"Randy is a great resource. Whatever I need he is always there to help. He has unbelievable knowledgeable with 21st century technology, networking, business tactics, planning and so much more. He is experienced in providing the highest level of customer service and commitment. I learn something from him every time we talk. He is an educator that helps our community grow."
— Clarion Suites, Creative Sales Geek, Clarion Inn & Suites, July 11, 2010
"Randy Nelson has proven a great help in the launching of my Personal Chef Business. Randy continues to bring ideas to the community to help the growth of small businesses. I highly recommend you take your small business needs to Randy Nelson at SBDC at Arizona Western College."
— Karla Minto-Billdt, Owner, Karla’s Kreations, September 29, 2009
"Randy Nelson has been very successful at strengthening the ties between Arizona Western College and the business communities of Yuma and La Paz counties. His professional counseling services have been recognized throughout the state and on a national basis."
— Linda Elliott-Nelson, PhD, Dean of Instruction, Arizona Western, January 11, 2009
"Working with Randy has been the highlight of my professional career. He has exposed me to facets of small business development and coached me to help other small business owners in a way that only a dedicated professional can provide. Randy is all about “the delta” and he has challenged my focus and goal-setting in a positive work environment. Thanks for allowing me room to explore and grow at AWC SBDC."
— Alan Pruitt, Business Analyst, Arizona Western College, January 11, 2009
"As Director of the Small Business Development Center for Arizona Western College, Randy is a valuable person to be familiar with. Randy has immense knowledge of small business ownership. Randy will go to the extra mile to find a solution to fit your business needs or refer you in the appropriate direction"
— Michele Valenzuela, Asst. to the AWC Foundation Exec Dir & Board of Directors, Arizona Western College, January 8, 2009
"Randy is an excellent Director. I had the privilege of working for him for approximately 3 years. He takes pride in his work, gives you the opportunity and tools to grow professionally. He is very intelligent, creative and intuitive. He is always looking out for the opportunity to improve the center and enjoys an excellent reputation in the community. He has a caring demeanor and has helped countless amount of people start their own business and really enjoys what he does. I would recommend Randy for any endeavor he would pursue in the future."
— Karla Garibay, Business Analyst, Arizona Western College, January 22, 2012
"Randy Nelson is an excellent resource for small business owners in Southwestern Arizona. He is very knowledgeable on what it takes to be successful in business. As a counselor, he is a very engaged listener and he is a consummate “people person” who genuinely cares about his clients. I learned quite a bit from Randy as a colleague in the Arizona Small Business Development Center network. Since I have left the network, Randy has kept in touch with me, often sharing articles of interest and or business development best practices. I’ve tapped into his expertise on a number of occasions in seeking out advice for particularly challenging situations and he is a colleague I can always count on for an honest, thoughtful and helpful opinion."
— Rick Leibowitz, Director, Coconino County Small Business Development Center, January 22, 2012
"In a former position I engaged with Randy to provide recommendations, examples, and direction regarding developing small business. His knowledge and experience always led to great ideas on how to proceed. He is well respected in the Yuma area as well as outside the area. If you are in need of information on developing and growing a startup or existing small business Randy is the individual you need to seek as a resource. The area should be glad to have Randy as a resource who is concerned with making your business successful."
— Kermit Palmer, January 24, 2012
"Randy has been an exceptional resource of knowledge for my small business. I have appreciated the time he has taken to listen to my concerns as a business owner and I have benefited from his insights on how to make a business run smoothly and excel, even in a down economy. Business owners big or small, new or long standing, can benefit from Randy’s advice and expertise on staying relevant."
— Jessie Sheltra, Owner, Sheltra Insurance, January 23, 2012
"I first got to know Randy while I was working to take over an existing business in Yuma. Randy was tremendously helpful in assisting me in building a business plan to take to investors. He had great advice and he was very willing to help. Randy has access to a great deal of tools to help existing or aspiring entrepreneurs. More importantly he is a very patient coach and teacher and he is willing and able to help put those tools to work very effectively. After I got to know Randy, I found out he has many fans in our community. His name would come up on conversations with others and is it was clear Randy is very well thought of the our business community. Randy is someone who is very well thought of by others, who has high integrity and who really knows and understands what a small business owner goes through. I have recommended Randy to others in the past. I have no reservations recommending Randy to anyone looking for excellent assistance in launching an enterprise."
— Andrew Wyatt, January 23, 2012
"Randy is a great partner in growing the economy of Greater Yuma County. His knowledge and attitude provide a wonderful combination for those who are seeking to start their own business. Several of Randy’s clients are successful business owners and operators that make a positive contribution to this community. We are very fortunate to have Randy performing the services he does, and partnering with us in our efforts to grow jobs. "
— Julie Engel, CEcD, President/CEO, Greater Yuma EDC, January 23, 2012
"Randy is a true champion for business in the Economic Development world."
— Gen Grosse, Corporate Account Manager, Yuma International Airport, January 24, 2012
"Randy is always available for feedback and input when needed. He knows his business well and is happy to share and encourage others to succeed. I have greatly enjoyed working with Randy as part of the Small Business Development Center network – it’s nice to know he’s out there if I need him."
— Anya Petersen-Frey, Regional Director, Wyoming Entreprenuer.Biz/Small Business Development Center, January 23, 2012
"Thank you Randy for making my business better by teaching me about websites, google maps, twitter, linkedin, and finances. You truly are an asset to the community. You provide a wonderful service. Thank you."
— Sheryl Christenson, March 10, 2012
"Randy is up-to-date, genuine, generous and interested in helping businesses, and a priceless asset to “Randy is the “Wikipedia” of small business development. His knowledge is of the business model is unmatched. I am privileged to know him and to work for him at the SBDC."
— Mary Hamilton, Business Analyst, Arizona Western College, February 10, 2012
"If you need help with small business solutions, Randy and his staff are there to help! Randy is always thorough and informative. He knows small business well and represents the Yuma business community."
— Melanie Pearson, March 1, 2012
"Randy has been a great asset in my plans for my Businesses. Randy has always been in the fore front of what a business need. He is great in helping business owners grow or start a business. I would work with Randy in the future and I highly recommend him to any Business in need of future business planning"
— Robert Haworth, March 24, 2012